Our Trainers.

Michael Fouts

Owner, Head Personal Trainer


Mike has been in the health industry for 8+ years.

Two of Mike’s big passions are: learning, and health promotion. Initially Mike wanted to be a Doctor but after shadowing Doctors and seeing their day-to-day and running OverHaul Fitness for a year, Mike realized that being a Personal Trainer, Business Owner, and Blogger was much more suited for him. It allowed him a better lifestyle that allowed him to still chase his passions of continual learning and health promotion, while having a much more flexible schedule and lifestyle.

Mike loves doing anything active and regularly plays Ice & ball hockey, Squash (the sport, not the vegetable), and does Triathlons during the summer.  When Mike’s not active he loves watching movies and Tv series, in particular, psychological thrillers.

Michael’s philosophy on health: Practice balance, use the 80/20 principle in regards to exercise and nutrition; eat foods that are good for you at least 80% of the time, treat yourself the other 20%. This is a much more practical and long-term approach; two things Mike likes to reinforce with all of his clients.

Mike’s advice on the best way to be healthy:  Make lifestyle changes that force you to be healthy.  Do exercise that you enjoy and you’ll end up doing it because you like it, not because it’s good for you – that will be a secondary effect (this is why Mike plays squash).  In regards to nutrition, find foods and recipes that you like that are healthy; yes, there are recipes out there that taste good AND are good for you.

Mike’s client training philosophy: “Train your client’s well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to”

Get in touch with Mike:
E: Mike@overhaulfitness.ca
C: 780-340-4300
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  • Bachelor of Science, Double Major in Biology and Chemistry, U of A
  • Personal Trainer Diploma (PFT), NAIT
  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Food Science, Dietetics Specialization, U of A
    • est. Completion 2020

Scot Sugden

Personal Trainer


Scot’s background in speed skating is what lead him to a career in the fitness industry. He speed skated competitively from 2002-2008, competing in everything from local competitions to North American Championships throughout his career. His years of training in speed skating lead to coaching the Edmonton Speed Skating Association for 10 years, as well as coaching Team Alberta at the Canadian Championships and Western Canadian Championships. Training taught him the diligence and perseverance that it takes to exercise, and coaching taught him the science behind the training, including how to manipulate different training variables and periodize programs to help people reach their goals.

Since Scot’s speed skating days, his personal goals have switched from performance training to more strength and hypertrophy training. He fills his spare time by watching Friends reruns, reading Stephen King novels, and having some patio beers with friends.

His training philosophy: It is his responsibility to give clients all of the information and tools they need to reach their goals, but it is their responsibility to use these tools to succeed. He wants to provide everything a client needs and eliminate as many obstacles as possible to give them the best chance to achieve their goals!


  • Bachelor of Science
  • Personal Trainer Diploma (PFT), NAIT