OverHaul Fitness Client Transformation: Kyle D.

Comments from OverHaul:

Kyle has lost 33 lbs so far – at least from this latest weigh-in. Kyle saw Mike twice a week and used the app with Online Personal Training by himself outside of those sessions. On average Kyle worked out 4-5 times per week. From a diet perspective Mike made a simple Meal Plan for Kyle to use as a template, which he learned from and eventually made his own food options to fit that template. Kyle continues to train with Mike and is looking to further his body composition changes.

From Mike: One of the tell-tale signs that a client is going to do well is that they are always there before you, getting warmed up and ready to go. This was Kyle, he always took the time to get there early so that we could spend the full hour lifting weights and working out. Kyle usually took that one step further and after each session he’d usually go for at least a 10 minute run. Kyle’s a great example of someone that really put the time in, and the results showed.

As a Personal Trainer my job is to provide my clients with the structure of what to do and when to do it, and then give guidance and support along the way. The rate of their success largely depends on them – to a point. Kyle’s success was rapid and consistent because outside of our sessions he was doing a lot right. He was eating well, exercising consistently, and he was engaged – asking a lot of questions along the way.

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