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That's me above, Michael Fouts, the proud owner of OverHaul Fitness, a Mobile and Online Personal Training company that specializes in weight loss. I'm a CSEP-CPT Personal Training and have been helping people lose weight for 3 years now!

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What is Online Training?

Online Personal Training is a great tool for people looking for guidance, accountability, and motivation, but want the aspects of convenience, flexibility, and affordability. Wow, that's a lot of adjectives. In a nutshell, Online Personal Training gives you all the resources that you need, but we just aren't physically there in-person training you.

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What is Mobile Training?

Mobile personal training means that we come to you, we primarily meet our clients at public facilities (eg. Terwillegar, Kinsmen, Millennium Place, etc.) but we also meet at: select private gyms, our clients' homes, or even outside (see picture above). Scroll to the bottom of the page to see a map of our city of Edmonton training locations.

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  • Reena Nariani

    I randomly found Mike on LinkedIn 3 months ago and messaging him was literally the best decision I have ever made for myself. I had a trainer only once before, but with Mike the experience is completely different, in a good way. He meets you exactly where you are, doesn’t make you feel incompetent at all, and gears the workout to me. The best part is that he increased the level of intensity and exercises slowly so that I never over exerted myself or felt like I can’t do something. Without even realizing it, I’m a few months in, lifting weights I never imagined I could, and I’m down over 10 pounds, lost inches, and gained muscle so as not to look like a bulky girl, but toned and strong. Lastly, he has the most best personality and is very caring. You can see that he genuinely cares about the health and well being of his clients. For that reason, I will probably be a lifelong client of his.

  • Kimmie Q.

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  • Richard M.

    Read his Initial check-in Blog post – CLICK HERE

  • Jordana M.

    Read her Initial check-in Blog post – CLICK HERE

  • Trent Wilkie

    Quick, 60-second Video Testimonial by Trent Wilkie, click on the text below!

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  • Reisa Segal

    I would highly recommend Michael Fouts for your personal health and fitness needs. I find Mike to be very responsive to my individual requirements. He takes the time to customize my training to my particular needs and challenges. He is understanding however continues to push boundaries as time goes on to ensure that I am challenging myself and my limitations. Don’t hesitate to give Michael a call and try him out for your personal training needs. Reisa Segal

  • Devon Riel

    After only 3 months working with Mike at OverHaul Fitness, I am beginning to notice substantial improvements. Not only in the way I look, but the way I feel as well. OverHaul Fitness provides excellent service both in person, during our sessions, and virtually via messages to help me keep on track and committed.  I’m really looking forward to the next several months as I anticipate drastic changes. Dated Mar. 5/16

    Read Devon’s Initial check-in & Halfway Report (Dated Sep 27/16)CLICK HERE

  • Darryl Tkachyk

    I have some gym equipment at home, so Mike comes to my house to train me; I have a hard time working out at home by myself, but I look forward to my workouts with Mike.  He makes the workouts fun, well maybe “fun” isn’t the right word to use (I would prefer to drink beer and eat coffee crisps), but either way Mike is always changing up the workouts to make them different and more challenging.  Also, Mike is very accommodating and flexible with my schedule, I often have to change my workout times with little notice and he still manages to fit me in; this is something that I highly value.

  • Alex Lambrecht

    At first I was skeptical of trying the Online Personal Training, but it was actually really easy to use.  You just have to show up to the gym and Mike will have a workout prepared for you on your smartphone.  That, and I liked it because it saved me some money; Instead of training with Mike three days a week, I trained with Mike once a week and did two workouts by myself.  I’d definitely recommend Online Personal Training, and you don’t have to be a tech genius to use it.

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  • Jen Pawlowski

    OverHaul Fitness’s dietitian is great. She pays so much attention to you, sending you random articles that may be of interest to you, new recipes, and checks in constantly to keep you accountable! Not only was I helped to reach my goal of losing 10 pounds (and more now!), but I now understand what portions should look like, what snacks will keep you going through the day, and that having a weekend full of Easter meals and not losing weight that week was OK! OverHaul Fitness’s help is the support you need if you are ready for a challenge and committed to put in some prep work. The Dietitian made things so easy and motivated me throughout. I know I personally will keep using OverHaul Fitness to help me maintain the weight I’ve gotten down to!

  • Catrina Chapman

    Thanks Mike Fouts for going beyond my expectations and helping me reach my fitness goals. Even at 6:00am you were able to
    make working out enjoyable. You helped me stay focused and motivated in an area outside my comfort zone. Honestly, I couldn’t
    have done it without you. The teddy bear for my son when he was sick was a nice touch.

We train primarily at public facilities, take a look at the google map provided of the gyms we train at; we can also train at your house, please contact us for more information regarding this.

*It should be noted that Millennium Place offers childcare, so you can bring your kids with you and drop them off at childcare while you workout. Please contact millennium place for days and times: 1 780-416-3300