OverHaul Fitness Client Transformation: Ryan B.

Comments from Mike:

Ryan did Mike‘s 8 Week Cutting Program, via OverHaul Fitness’s smartphone app and was part of Mike’s Online Group Personal Training Group, to get back in shape after having let his physique slide for the last few years. Further, Ryan was heading on a big travelling trip soon and wanted to get in great shape before he went to look good, and partly to offset some of the “damage” he might do while travelling and enjoying himself.

At the time of this post Ryan and Amanda are currently travelling the world, check out their travel blog, and will continue to be travelling for another 4 months. I made them a travel workout program, aptly called the Travelling Gypsy Workout Program, so that they could maintain their newly achieved physiques while travelling; the program was focused around providing them with a convenient and low demand but effective workout program.

Check out their travel blog and Facebook page for updates about their trip, if you’d like.

Comments from Ryan:

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