OverHaul Fitness Client Transformation: Liz B.

Comments from OverHaul:

Liz did Mike‘s 8 Week Cutting Program to prepare for an upcoming trip to Australia via OverHaul Fitness’s smartphone app, and was part of Mike’s Online Group Personal Training Group; Mike Coached 50 people through his 8 Week Cutting Program starting back in September.

From Mike: Liz is a great example of someone that needs to record all stats, meaning consistent photos, measurements, and weigh-ins, and use them all collectively to get a better snapshot of progress. This is important because It can be frustrating when you aren’t seeing progress, either visually or when looking at the numbers on the scale.

With Liz, because she already had a great physique the visual changes were much harder to notice and were often quite subtle. As such, it was important to look at things like specific body measurements and the weigh-ins to see that she was in fact progressing forward and the current “plan of attack” was working. As you’ll see from Liz’s front photos, there wasn’t a lot of difference between the two. However, looking at the two back photos there is very noticeable differences in her glutes (butt) and thighs – specifically the inner and outer thigh. And, the scale was showing this, so this was all reinforcing and a testament for the need to use all body stats together to assess progress.

Side note: People often don’t notice the fat loss from places less visible, your back and thighs being two of the big places. Unfortunately, we really have no control which fat deposits the body decides to use at any given time, so its important to monitor progress and just make sure you’re progressing forwards; working out your stomach isn’t going to specifically lose fat on your stomach.

Comments from Liz:

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