Corporate Fitness & Wellness

There are no specific “service” that we offer for companies, rather we cater to what the company wants to do. We can do any thing from Lunch and Learn nutrition seminars, to full out organized weight loss challenges. With the incorporation of Group Online Personal Training we can make a workout program for everyone in the company to follow and do together. Further, we will group everyone in a group forum where they have access to ask us any questions that they may have, as well as see when another group member completes a workout – this is a really cool feature and helps with motivation.

Summary of types of services offered in the past:

  • Weight Loss (usually by total % lost to make it fair for all parties) & Fitness Challenges (most logged and completed workouts)
  • Access to our smartphone app where we can make a set program for everyone to follow
  • On-Site Lunch and Learn Seminars
  • On-Site Group Workouts

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Contact us if you’re interested in doing Corporate Fitness & Wellness with us.