Personal Training

Mobile Training

For those local to Edmonton, Mobile Training means we come to you. We train our clients out of the closest Public facility, their homes or Apartment/Condo gyms, or when the weathers nice we often opt to train them outside.

  • 1-on-1 Personal Training: train 1-on-1 with one of our trainers
  • Small Group Personal Training: train in groups of 2-3
  • Bootcamp and Large Group Training: during the summers we do regular bootcamps and are looking into doing large group classes indoors soon.

Online Training

Online Personal Training is a great tool for people who need support, guidance, and accountability, but want to capitalize on convenience, flexibility, and affordability. With Online Personal Training we give you all the resources you need, but just aren’t physically there in person training you. Your workout program and meal plan are uploaded to our smartphone app and web-app platform, and we monitor and coach you through your program remotely. Within the app you can record your weights and reps of each exercise, progress photos, measurements, view specific exercise videos, and more. There are three different types:

  • 1-on-1 Online Training
  • Hybrid Training
  • Group Online Training

We’ll Help You Trim Your Waistline In Person, Or Online


Nutrition is integral to any health and fitness related goal. We have a few different nutritional services, ranging from our “Not-Your-Typical” Meal Plans, to general Nutrition Coaching and Consulting. We are also partnered with a Dietitian, Andrea Hardy, RD, which allows us to provide the greatest level of expertise for our clients. By partnering with a Dietitian it allows us to extend help to those that need help outside of general nutrition consulting, and help those with Diabetes, Crohns, Gluten & Lactose intolerances, etc.  Something to note: all services done with our Dietitian can be claimed with your health benefits.

Corporate Fitness & Wellness

We can do a variety of Corporate Fitness & Wellness events, such as:

  • Weight Loss & Fitness Challenges
  • On-Site Lunch and Learn Seminars

Look Better, Feel Better.