Kimmie – Final Check-In

Where is Kimmie now?

First of all, Happy Birthday Kimmie!

If you read Kimmie’s Initial Client Report, you’d know that she’s the social media mastermind and entrepreneur behind YegTweetUp. Kim has been working out with OverHaul Fitness for just over a year now, and she reached her goal weight back at the start of spring.  Since then, she’s maintained her weight, all the while enjoying tasty food and beverages this summer.

What’s different now?

  • Since reaching her goal weight, she has spent significantly less time in the gym, partially because: 1. It was the summer and she wanted to be outside more instead of in the gym, and 2. she was instructed by Mike that she didn’t have to exercise as much anymore since she wasn’t trying to create an energy deficit anymore.
  • She now enjoys the workouts rather than seeing them as a necessity; before she enjoyed them less and saw them more as a means to get her where she needed to go. lifting weights isn’t something she ever thought she’d enjoy, and she now regularly plans it into her weekly schedule.
  • She is still tracking her food from time-to-time, to keep herself honest, but isn’t nearly as strict as she was before.
  • She enjoys her new lifestyle of being healthy and more active, and just loves being the “new me.”

Next Fitness Goal:

Kim wants to run a 10 km in early 2018; she would do one earlier, but is soon jet-setting off to Egypt.

She also wants to do some sort of fitness photo shoot; just something she’s always wanted to do.

Kim’s Advice for everyone else, based on her Journey:

  • Trust the process.
  • Track your food, seriously, and pay attention to your serving sizes. If you are not losing weight, you might still be eating healthy but your portion sizes are way off.  I know mine were.
  • I really enjoyed using my FitBit, it allowed me to be more conscious of how active I was being. As someone who works from my phone and computer most of the day, it served as a good reminder to get up and do something.
  • And, check out OverHaul Fitness app – I genuinely mean this. Here’s why: before when I went to  the gym, I really didn’t know what to do or what I wanted to do. With the app, I knew exactly what to do and when to do it, since mike often scheduled my workouts for me. I need this because this is just the way my brain works. As corny as this sounds, It felt like Mike was “there with me” even though hes wasn’t.

Some Feedback about Kim, from Mike: Some of you might think from the pictures above that it looks like Kimmie’s made small progress over the course of how long she has been/was working out. To address this, I wanted to say a few things. First off, at Kim’s initial weight – having little weight to lose – much of the physical changes that you’d expect to see are muscle being exchanged for fat, which looks simply like increased muscle tone and definition. This also can result in little weight loss occurence during this time, which sometimes results in net zero weight loss. Secondly, again referring to Kim’s initial weight, you often need to do limited clothing progress photos in order to really capture the differences happening. Since we didn’t do initial bathing suit photos, it’s tough to show this. Either way, Kim’s a testament of sticking to the plan and look at the long-term picture, not the immediate one. As you can see, it paid off.

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